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World Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research (WJCMPR)


Free Accessible

World Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research is an open-access journal, with no subscription charges. The main aim of wjcmpr is to share knowledge and produce quality research papers based on international standards.

WJCMPR is an open-access journal, free to access, read and print. There is no pay-per-view, pay-per-print fee for the published articles. There are no editorial/peer-review charges being solicited from the authors. However, the journal charges a minimum amount towards author registration (on the accepted article, after peer review) for publishing and maintaining the content online, outsourcing facilities, tools, and resources towards the publication of the article. The amount will be as follows:



       Indian authors

       Foreign authors

Original Research Article, 
Short Communication, 
Case Study, 
Letter to Editor etc.
Review Article


     US$75+bank transaction fee


Mode of payment

Upon successful manuscripts, the author will receive payment details via email. WJCMPR will accept only electronic transactions.


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