A Brief Review on Breast cancer treatment and current challenges

  • Isha Shah Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara,Gujarat, India.
  • Nensi Raytthatha Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Vadodara,Gujarat, India.


Cancer is a global disease, so rational and effective treatment is needed. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in a woman and now the number of patients is increasing day by day. Therefore, development and research are underway for the effective treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment depends on the stage of cancer and the risk, based on this medical agents should be employed on patients to prevent breast cancer. In addition, breast cancer survival rates are rising which is good news for science but on the other hand the side effects of treatment present new challenges. An early-stage cancer diagnosis can save a patient's active or healthy life due to long-term and varied treatments that can be used for cancer otherwise breast cancer is a life-threatening disease. Breast cancer survivors not only have negative side effects of cancer treatment but also, have many other issues of previous treatment so it is a challenge for researchers. As a result, this review article deals with the effective treatment of breast cancer and its side effects. This review will help researchers better understand the long-term medical implications for breast cancer.

Keywords: Cancer, Breast cancer, Treatment


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