A descriptive review on patient medication history interview

  • L Vinay Sai Clinical Pharmacist, RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu, Tel.: +91-8919172701
  • Venkata Ramana MBBS, DNB, Department of Family Medicine, RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu
  • K Mamatha Clinical Pharmacist, RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu.
  • D Saritha Clinical Pharmacist, RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu.
  • Jerusha Evagelin MBBS, DGO, (DNB),Post Graduate, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu
  • Kummiti Veenasri Pharm.D Intern, RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu
  • Challa Divya Jyothi Pharm.D Intern, RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthapuramu


The Present descriptive review provides a detailed practical approach in conducting the effective patient medication interview. It includes four main areas, 1) the process involved and goals to be achieved, 2) the importance of accurate patient drug history in patient medication history interview, 3) information to be recorded during patient medication history interview and 4) how to conduct patient medication interview in an effective manner. This present review further attempted to give a clear pictorial representation regarding patient medication history interview as well produced a well-documented patient medication history interview form by referring all the available sources and thorough review of all available scientific literature.

Keywords: Patientmedication history interview, drug history, pictorial representation, scientific literature


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